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Business Sign Lighting: What Are My Options?

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Business Sign Lighting: What Are My Options?

Every business wants to have its signs noticed, and there is nothing better to help business owners accomplish this: sign lighting. First, sign lighting gives you visibility through the night and, depending on the type of lighting, can provide an amplified effect when the sun goes down. Service Pro Sign Solutions works with all kinds of sign lighting and will spend time with you to understand your goals, budget, and needs and make the best recommendation possible.

Types of Business Sign Lighting

When it comes to lighting options for new signage, the most common on the market are front-lit, halo-lit, lightbox, neon, and detached lighting solutions for signs.

Front-Lit Signs

Front-lit lighting is something typically found in channel letter signs. We work with you to create something that reflects your brand and additionally can use energy-saving LED lighting to create channel letters that genuinely stand out. Your sign is perfectly sealed, making it waterproof and protected from the elements. Most of our lighted signs can be mounted using brackets, so you have a flush appearance against your property.

Halo-Lit (or Reverse-Lit) Signs

Halo-lit signs because they are not your typical channel letters. Also known as “reverse lit,” they create a beautiful halo effect that makes your signage stand out. Because of the various color options available, Service Pro Sign Solutions can make your lettering and logo stand out using colors that offer brand continuity.

Lightbox Signs

Also known as cabinet signs, a lightbox sign can be a creative signage solution that helps you stand out. We create the sign around a design light structure with an internal LED light source that makings your company’s business name, branding, logo, message, information, and more stand out! During the day, the white background still gives excellent visibility making it an ideal solution for businesses open during the day and the night.

Neon Lights

Businesses more commonly used neon lighting before the arrival of LED lighting, but neon signs create a unique look that LED lights simply can’t replicate. They provide visual merchandising opportunities that are second to none and are still commonly used in retail outlets, movies, TV production companies, and special events!

Detached Lighting

If you have an existing sign and want to add lighting, ground lighting might be a cost-effective solution and work great with monument or pylon signs that were never installed with direct, attached lighting. You can also connect lighting directly on top of your sign illuminating your sign, but you may lose some sleekness to your overall business sign. Overall, these are great options if you are looking for something more budget friendly.

No Lighting

Sometimes, we recommend that our customers save money and forego any lighting options. If you have no foot or car traffic at nighttime and no visibility from short distances, it might not make sense to add lighting to your signage. Our design will consider your sign location and will never recommend anything that may be unnecessary that adds to your overall business sign cost.

Contact us if you live in New Jersey or NYC and are interested in lighting solutions for a new or existing sign! We can help with whatever your sign needs, whether big or small, and we are positive we can meet and exceed your expectations!

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