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Advantages of Pylon Signs

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The Advertising Advantages of Pylon Signs?

A pylon sign is a freestanding structure usually supported by one or more poles, which is why these signs are also referred to as pole signs. They are a fantastic way for businesses and retail complexes to advertise and attract potential customers. They are a great way to get the attention of those passing or driving by your business, especially if your business is set back from the road.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in or replacing an old pylon sign as an advertising strategy for your business or multi-store complex.


Pylon signs are entirely customizable, from the materials used to hold the structure to the information on the sign itself. You have a blank canvas to choose features that reflect your business’s brand. You also have the option to add lighting options to your sign, giving you illumination at night, so your sign is seen both day and night! Because pylon signs are highly customizable, they are a great way to create something that advertises your business and attracts attention. For pylon signs advertising many stores within a retail or commercial complex, you can make the appropriate number of spots and sizing, allowing you to promote all the businesses within your complex.

At Service Pro Sign Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize your pylon sign based on your needs entirely. Our design team works with you to figure out what size, materials, colors, and more to use to create a fantastic structure that will advertise your business for the long term. Our state-of-the-art technology allows companies with multiple locations to create more than one pylon sign with exact precision, giving you continuity across various properties, which is why big-name retailers, car dealerships, and other clients we serve choose to work with us!


As we previously mentioned, the ability to customize pylon signs to meet your needs is a great way to extend your branding beyond your business or complex physical structure.

When you work with a professional design, fabrication, and installation company like us, we make sure that your pylon sign is a continuation of your brand both in and outside your business.


Because of the longevity of pylon signs, they are a great way to advertise for the long-term and save money. Once installed, you do not have to worry about ongoing advertising costs such as billboard signs and online ads. Instead, you have a permanent advertisement in front of your property. They are also easy to clean, and in many instances, you can change the information on the sign itself depending on the design. For example, if there is a new lease on a building within a corporate or retail complex, you can swap out the old business sign and insert signage for the new business’s signage. Because of how many pylon signs are designed, we can update information as your business needs change.

Our team ensures that we understand all the client’s present and future needs so that we can create a pylon signage solution that delivers our client’s expectations.

Increase Visibility

For businesses or retail/corporate complexes that are set back from a road, particularly busy ones, a pylon sign is an ideal solution to let your customers know where you are. Pylon signs can be created at various heights making sure that your sign gets noticed no matter which direction you face. Many pylon signs are double-sided so that your signage can be seen no matter what direction you are facing.

We work with our customers to help increase visibility. Still, we are also mindful that various municipalities have different laws, ordinances, and limitations on how tall and wide pylon signs can be. So, we work directly with your town or city to obtain the necessary information and permits before beginning any project.

Contact us if you are interested in adding or replacing a pylon sign in New Jersey, NYC, or surrounding areas! We can help with whatever your sign needs, whether big or small, and we are positive we can meet and exceed your expectations. You can also visit our pylon sign page to learn more information!

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