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The Benefits of LED Reader Board Signage

The Benefits of LED Reader Board Signage

We are the leading provider of LED Reader Boards.

LED Reader Board Signs are a versatile way for businesses and municipalities that allows the display to be updated instantly, sending out information to your potential customers or members of the community. They are also known as LED signs or LED message boards and are often incorporated into various types of signage like pylon signs, monument signs, and more! Our commitment to quality, overall customer satisfaction, and ability to handle all aspects of any signage project has made us one of the leading providers of LED Reader Boards in New Jersey, NYC, and surrounding areas.

If you are considering new signage for your business or municipality or are looking to have existing signage updated, here are some of the benefits our company believes make the investment worth it.


LED lighting has numerous benefits, like extended lifespan, reduced maintenance, and, most importantly, cost savings! LED lights use substantially less energy than other lighting alternatives. Bright lighting is excellent for businesses that rely on signage lighting at night to attract potential customers.

Getting Your Message Out There

LED Reader Boards are great for schools, municipal buildings, and other community facilities to get information out to the community. For schools, they can change their messages to keep parents informed of upcoming dates and events or even announce student of the month and fun summer messages! For municipal buildings and community center facilities, you can provide important information and dates to the community, such as upcoming official meetings, advertising outside groups, or even advertising upcoming community fairs, firework dates, and so much more. Because of the versatility of LED reader boards, the messages you can send are endless!

LED Reader Board fabrication in New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and Eastern Pennsylvania Source: Service Pro Sign Solutions


LED Reader Boards are a great way to advertise for many businesses in New Jersey and New York City. You can advertise drink and food specials for the restaurant industry or announce upcoming special events. For retail companies, they can be a great way to promote sales, special pricing, or offers which can attract potential customers away from your competitors! We also have worked with corporations from the heart of Manhattan to churches in Eastern Pennsylvania, so no matter what type of business or organization you are, the changeability of your display is a great way to promote.

Visual Attraction

Whether you are feeling patriotic or want to display the temperature or other information, LED Reader Boards are a great way to bring eyes to your commercial property. They are also beneficial when providing traffic information and guiding drivers with bright lights that are easily spotted.

Custom LED Reader Board in New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and Eastern Pennsylvania Source: Service Pro Sign Solutions

Contact us if you want to add or replace an LED Reader Board to your property. We can help with whatever your sign needs, whether big or small, and can handle the entire aspect of the project from design, fabrication, and installation, all while handling the project management aspect, such as obtaining permits. You can also visit our LED Reader Board product page for more information!